"one must imagine sisyphus happy." - albert camus
we think naked writing is powerful -- naked in meaning, and naked in form. on a semi-related note, we also like when things load fast on our browsers. we lean on simple, small css and basic html. it should not be harder to read an online literary magazine than it is to flip a book's page. demyth⚫s aims to present artists' work -- your work -- pure and simple. we aim to pay you a little bit for it, and to trumpet your talent far and wide. we'd like to one day produce print anthologies, so you can have the always-satisfying cortisone hit of seeing your name in print. to that end, we're also hoping to present that work in more ways down the road. youtube. instagram. other social media brand names. the possibilities are nowhere near endless, but they are nonetheless potential fonts of joy. genre, weirdness, formal, informal, joyous, grieving, whatever hits you. make it short, make it clean, and make it sing.
chuck sebian-lander, founder and editor, is a poet and writer based in maryland with an editorial background and a strong desire to curate the voices of those more talented than he, which is to say you, hopefully.