published july 27, 2019

rationale (or: hey isn’t that kind of what braid’s about)

by Chuck Sebian-Lander

the key to a lover’s heart is to defeat the red dragon Gilgamesh and present its beating heart to the child of the King, who will stare into its beating gore and declare: “jesus dude that’s, ew, that’s gross, I don’t even, why did you bring that here, what is wrong with you” and then they will slap you and you’ll deserve it because doing something difficult is not a positive character trait, and a human being is not a prize (I apologize to those who were offended by the previous poem; as a gamer you have an identity that demands respect the way body odor demands deodorant, even when those demands are ignored (I apologize for the above subpoem; you smell perfectly fine except in the metaphorical sense (the thinnest skin is the palest; translucent to the sharp bone and prone to scarring) ) ) PRO TIP: push up and start to skip the cutscene and glitch through the floor; keep falling until it feels like this was all someone else’s fault forever nibbling nervously at the gristle beneath your fingernails
Chuck Sebian-Lander is a poet from Maryland. His work has been featured in Prometheus Dreaming, GRAVITAS, and Castabout Literature. The mammoth, ancient tree in his backyard has been struck by lightning twice, yet remains standing.