published october 27, 2020

a guide to writing

by Chuck Sebian-Lander

i cannot write about myself anymore. search inward and discover a husk of charred oak, murdered by lightning. my world's all a stage for a rammstein concert. the building's already on fire, but I stare dumbstruck at pyrotechnics sprayed from till lindemann's crotch-hung flamethrower my throat's a chocolate fountain gurgling "mom's spaghetti": meme vomit ouroboros, self-circling drain and so in silence I write, and write of silence, and in writing stitch the lips shut, releasing only focused gurgle, a dribble of saliva marking a thin path resembling coherence
Chuck Sebian-Lander is a poet from Maryland. His work has been featured in Prometheus Dreaming, GRAVITAS, and Castabout Literature. The mammoth, ancient tree in his backyard has been struck by lightning twice, yet remains standing.